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For Subcontractors

Our priority is to take on projects that are fully funded, have already been awarded to the General Contractor or are in final bidding stages of GC bidding. We work to help subcontractors find construction projects. Our subcontractors are able to work with new General Contractors and with types of projects they haven't worked with before.

We also limit the number of subcontractors to 5 per region in any one trade, so that when a General Contractor brings us a project, we are delivering 3-5 qualified bids per trade... our Subcontractors aren't up against 100's of other subcontractors competing in the same trade. Our General Contractors and homeowners rely on us to prequalify our subcontractors by taking licensing and insurance information before even given an opportunity to bid.

Every subcontractor in our network has a Personal Project Coordinator who delivers only construction projects in their geographical service area and that are accepting bids in their trade specialty. EliteProNet provides the project plans, addendums, specs, bid due dates and all the necessary information the subcontractor needs to bid the construction job.

Elite measures up against the competition:

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For Contractors

Employing our services gives contractors the capability to significantly reduce the time and money it takes to find the right, qualified subcontractors for their projects. Our website allows contractors to submit project information, plans, and specifications to our extensive listing of specialty subcontractors. Once your project is submitted, we will solicit bids from no more than 5 EliteProNet subcontractors per trade. Each subcontractor in our database is qualified to the highest standards. Our Account Managers perform extensive pre-qualification on every subcontractor, verifying proper licensing, insurance, past project performance, and trade references. We strive to provide General Contractors with at least 3 project bids in each trade specialty. In the event less than 3 bids are received, our Project Coordinators will solicit bids from additional subcontractors for you. We take all the hard work out of your hands and save you an enormous amount of time and money. General Contractors will have all bids on each project streamlined through the Project Coordinator to eliminate the phone calls and frustration of trying to provide feedback to all the subcontractors who have submitted a bid. All you have to do is award the contract! Best of all the service is FREE to Contractors.

For Homeowners

EliteProNet was created to match contractors with subcontractors, however we understand your need to find General Contractors to complete your projects. If you want to work with only the most Elite contractors, register your project today!

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